• In the month of August, 2011, KC took the less priviledged children out for shopping and eating. They were taken out by KC officials to shop for clothes & shoes of their choice, after which they were also taken to an eatery to have good meal.

This was aimed at providing basic human needs for the less priviledged children.{besps}/new/giveclothes{/besps}


  • WYO recently held her Youth Week 2012 which lasted from on the 1st - 3rd where she had her BOOT CAMPING where lots of youth had the opportunity to participate in the seminar, Musical Concert and the Burn Fire Night Party.{besps}/new/burnmusic{/besps}
  • There was also the WYO Final Football League which gave opportunity to young men and women to showcase their God's given Talent. In attendance were important dignitaries such as:

* Mr. Abila; Airport Manager (Commercials)

* Hon. Mrs. Roseline Ogbeide; Supervisor for Culture

* Hon. Muyi

* Paul Chukwuyem; NNPC Retired

* Akhibino Robert; NNPC Retired

* Hon. Charles Igbinedion; Former Local Government Chairman, Okada

* Comrade Richard Omosigho; NUGE Chairman, Ikpoba Okah

* Dr. Asemota Maureen;

* Hon. Osagie

* Hon Glory Clifford

* Mrs. Comfort Omosi; HOS, Oredo Local Government Area.{besps}/new/foot{/besps}

  • On the 9th of August 2012, there was also the WYO Chinese Continental Party. This gave opportunity to young men and women to experience the Chinese way of life through their dress code, dishes and language.{besps}/new/chinese{/besps}

  • WYO Recently held her 1st Youth Seminar for the Year 2012 on the 31st day of March 2012 which was centred on "MORALS". in attendance were about 400 youths. The seminar had three (3) guest speakers in attendance and they are;

* Dr. Sam Omomoh; Coordinator, Poise International Company

* Pastor Jonathan, from Ghana

* Pastor Kings, also from Ghana.

At the end of the seminar, so many youths were grateful to have attended because they had learnt alot from the guest speakers.{besps}/new/seminar{/besps}

  • On the 11th of August 2011, WYO organized a talk show for youth in our society. Over 1000 youth were in attendance.

We had two highly respected guest speakers from the the University of Benin which are; Professor Eddy Erhiagbe and Dr. M.O. Mamodu. This was aimed at helping the youth discover their hidden potentials.{besps}/new/talkk{/besps}

  • On Friday 12th of August 2011, EDI organized a football competition for youths from local communities. This was aimed at encourage them and helping them develop their talents as footballers. at the end of the match, clubs that came 1st, 2nd & 3rd place were presented with gifts items.

In attendance were;

* Miss Faith Erhabor - Director of Sports representing Commissioner of Sports, Edo State. Nigeria.

* Mr. E.U. Eguavoen - Deputy Director of Finance (Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. Nigeria)

* Comrade Richard Omosigho (Chairman, Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, Ikpoba Okha L.G.A., Benin City. Edo State. Nigeria.)

* Honourable Ukunyon O. Stephen (Supervisor for Health, Ikpoba-Okha L.G.A., Edo State. Nigeria.)

* Honourable Osasowie Emmanuel (Supervisor for Education, Ikpoba-Okha L.G.A., Edo State. Nigeria.)

* Honourable Miss Roseline Ogbeide (Supervisor for Culture and Tourism, Ikpoba-Okha L.G.A., Edo State. Nigeria.)

* Honourable Ugbo Osasehi Joseph (Supervisor for Youth and Sports, Ikpoba-Okha L.G.A., Edo State. Nigeria.){besps}/new/spp{/besps}

  • WYO runs a Musical Class programme for youth to learn how to play musical instrument. This is aimed at empowering them with musical skills and also help them discover their innate talent.{besps}/new/music{/besps}


  • On the 8th day of August 2010, EDI reached out to the less privileged Muslims by dispensing them with food, clothes, drug and water.{besps}/new/adultwel1{/besps}

  • In the month of April 2009 and 2010, EDI through AGALOP supported the widows in our society with the provision of clothes, shoes, head-tie and bags.{besps}/new/adultwel2{/besps}

  • EDI renovated the less privileged Muslims' settlement by changing their leaking roofs and scattered block barricades that they use in protecting their houses from erosion.

    This was done in the month of October 25th, 2010.{besps}/new/adultwel3{/besps}

  • On the 5th day of November 2010, EDI through AGALOP organized a one day Skill Acquisition Program for adults which was free-of-charge.

    This was aimed to equip them with various skills to live on (source of income).{besps}/new/adultwel4{/besps}


  • In the month of April, WYO participated in the Edo State FA Cup 2012. Although they lost to their opponent, they played with so much skills and energy that surpassed any other team.{besps}/new/ball{/besps}
  • In the month of August 10th 2009, EDI through Wonder Youth Organization embarked on a Sanitation Project. This was done in market places and motor parks.{besps}/new/healthyliv1{/besps}
  • In October 2010, EDI reached out to Teenage Pregnant Girls in our society through the medium of one-to-one counseling and providing them with essential basic needs such as clothes, food and water.

    This was carried out in order to avoid abortion, reduce maternal mortality and avoid stigmatization among their peers.

  • KC also took the less privileged children to an eatery to have a good meal. This was aimed at providing with a healthy living. {besps}/new/eatt{/besps}

  • Little Sunshine Officials and mothers of children in little sunshine were taught on the general topics; Maternal Mortality Rate, Breast Feeding/Avoiding Breast Cancer, Mother and Child Relationship & Healthy Living. They were taught by Dr. Leonard Atsikidi. This was aimed at creating awareness to mothers on how to relate with their children and live a healthy life.


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Latest Testimonies
  • We want to appreciate EDI(KC) for the everlasting smile they have put on our faces by giving the less privilege pupils in our mist a Santa Smile Treat..

    Mrs Ogbemudia Johnson (Emokpae Pri Sch)
    18 July 2011

  • May Allah bless EDI for this good work they have done for us by providing us with food, dispensary and making of our shelter comfortable for us to live in; by restructuring our individual tent.

    Muslim Community
    08 July 2011

  • My Name is Osarumwense Efosa. Am 12yrs Old. Ever since EDI (Kids Club) stretched out their helping hand to me, my life has never remained the same. Kids Club provided me with my school bag and school pack. I thank Kids Club and I pray they continue their good work.

    Osarumwense Efosa
    08 July 2011

  • We want to thank EDI for providing our children with back to school gifts. We pray they keep up the good work...

    Oko Community
    08 July 2011

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